The New Economy

Today the world sits and waits. It is a time when a virus has the power to stop an entire civilization and force its population to observe itself. This includes the systems that hold it in place, its governing bodies and its individuals. That’s whats happening today and has been ongoing for almost 60 days now.

People stay at home with family, some alone with their own thoughts and some in couples all forced into a situation where the only existence is to be present in daily life. No calendars or clocks are needed, the seconds, hours and days are yours to do what you like with.

With little to consume due to shops and outlets shutdown, many are looking for some type of leisure. Enter the birth of the creative, people of all backgrounds, skills and ages are looking to use the creative side of their brains. There will be a burst of creativity coming from this halt to the machine. While manufacturing and other industries sit idle, the creative is about to thrive. In the coming years you will see literature, movies, art and music bursting with energy and output.

Here at 8ohms Records, we look mostly to the music side of this new economy. Artists of all generations, musical influences, and genres are quietly working at home. Obviously, the YouTube and online generation is working a little quicker, using technology to expose their art.  The future is here and its the creatives that hold the key to the new society and its continuum.