Based out of Vancouver, BC, PLEZHER is a collective of artists brought together by Herman Hundle (drummer/producer). PLEZHER is what the industry refers to as a “side project”…

PLEZHER came together as an idea, when Herman connected with fellow musician and long time friend, Rob Carney. A multi-talented musician, Rob  has a background in guitar, piano, bass guitar, drums and audio engineering. PLEZHER began with a few drinks early one evening, leading into 3am and a few more drinks, when the first track, TOMORROW CAME, was laid down. It was recorded at Rob Sea Studios in Delta, B.C. This is where the seed was planted for the birth of PLEZHER.

The sounds are not meant to be of any one genre. The artists that participate come from diverse musical backgrounds and skill levels.  PLEZHER promises a few surprises in its future recording catalogue.