8 Ohms Records is an affiliate of our parent company, Streetkore Management. Born out of necessity, 8 Ohms is an independent in every sense. We morphed out of an era of big labels still running “business as usual”. Technology was moving faster than ever before, musicians and artists were at ground zero, witnessing the industry changes in real time.

Technology had begun moving art faster and faster, week to week. This was generally a good thing, but not always. The founding of  8 Ohms was initially a call to resistance. A simple idea, almost a message sent to the big labels. The theme was simple; there is a paradigm shift here, the game is changing, you should change with it and really build off the change. The reaction this shift change in the music industry, surprised the majority of all involved. Labels seemed unable to or unwilling to adapt to any changes. Instead, the internet was looked at has a criminal tool, and in some ways, it was. There were many opportunities in the early days  of the internet where the industry could have embraced the new technology and given a boost of adrenaline to artists, their assets, and the entire worldwide music industry. Instead of leading the way, most big label brands began packaging contracts that were even less fair to the artists than the previous system.

It was just a matter of time before a group of  musicians and related artists took the consumer friendly technology into their own hands and began a revolution into the new age of the record industry. Independent artists and labels made their own paths and navigated through the birth of  this new era. 8 Ohms is one of many revolutionaries from this era. We are up made of  musicians, artists and others from creative business backgrounds.

Today organizations like 8 Ohms Records are redefining the term “record label”. We are in a new and daily expanding era. 8 Ohms Records plans to be a leader in the new generation of industry boutique style labels. We will continue to morph, change, and develop as the landscape of the industry does so.